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The Kingfishermen
Terry Lynn Breig
who fished with her husband for 25 years
August, 1988

Go down to the boat in the chill before dawn with your
Hood pulled up and your fishing boots on

You put up the groceries and check the oil
Cast off the lines, put the coffee to boil

Your muscles are stiff and your hands are all sore, but
You’re gonna make it, you’ve done it before

Take a moment to look at the sun on the rise
The colors exploding, bring light to the skies

But the moment passes, it’s time for the hunt
You pull on your gloves, stand up with a grunt

You rig the lines and toss them all over
Not much hope today, the seasons bout over

The diving plane rises and you start to pull in
Just one magic circle, how long has it been?

In a flash it happens, all lines are tight
Then the tiredness deserts you and you circle right

Shovel ice, a new spoon, damn, we need a new line
We must keep ’um coming and not waste any time

You pull till the sweat runs down your face
And fish blood spatters all over the place

The unhooker box full, a fish flops to the floor
We better unload ‘em and then catch some more

We grin through the sweat and the blood and the work
And then they slow down, we get ready to jerk

The bug line’s our favorite and if we have our way
We’ll be high hook at the end of the day

The boxes are full, we ice some on the deck
The bite’s about over and the boat is a wreck

So we turn the bow home, set the pilot to steer
Here come wind and rain, get the foul weather gear

You sharpen the knife and I’ll get the slicker
I’ll hand them to you cause that way it’s quicker

So in darkness we gut and shovel and pack
Now the rain’s in our face and the pain’s in our back

We’ll do it again in foul weather or fair
We maybe high hook or just get a share

Why we do it? I guess we really don’t know
But before daylight tomorrow we’ll be ready to go

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